• by Z

The Mission

Oh man I’ve been listening to Queensrÿche recently…again. It was my favorite band in high school aaw

The other day I got the itch to listen to their Operation: Mindcrime album, and it was AMAZING! WAAAJSLHFLSDHG:LKDSH!

The entire album just brought me back to my high school days, to me Geoff Tate’s voice was pleasurably deafening, and the solos that came out of Chris DeGarmos’ guitar would translate to electricity racing through my veins… Yes it was a bit extreme, as are most things when you’re a teenager I suppose. I mean you couldn’t even approach me if I was listening to Queensrÿche at the time. If anyone came close I’d just - I don’t know you go away - them.

Ah Well, I’ll be listening to some of Queensrÿches’ albums for a while I guess, more calmly now though… unless I’m in the car, in which case I’ll be blasting it all the way through traffic like a boss - or an annoying prick, depending on how you wanna see me.

Have you ever tried the Amazon/Whole Foods 2hr delivery thing by the way? It’s so awesome, I tried it the other day and it’s just so convenient that I thought - why do I even ever leave my apartment for? I can just have my food delivered now? Hermit life here I come. -

I only bought a few things though, and I also decided recently that I can only live off of Mexican food so…so that’s that. I even tried cooking. COOKING! Not just microwaving things like I know how to do, I’m a pro with the microwave by the way, no this time I used the actual stove-top to try to concoct something reminiscent of food. Well anyway, when I had my groceries delivered for my hermit life, lol just kidding, I had ordered some beans in there too but then when I held the bag of dry pintos in my hand I realized that I don’t actually know how to cook beans. Now this may sound silly, but I really thought that I would just know how to make them kinda, I believed with all of my heart (my feels) that all Mexican people just knew from birth how to make beans…and tacos al pastor, of course. I guess I was wrong though, because I don’t know how to make the damn beans and I’m too proud to look it up, and I won’t ask any of my relatives because I’m afraid they’ll just laugh at me and say “Oh you don’t know how to cook beans?! we all know how to cook beans! It’s an innate trait!”

Oh geez I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll just keep the bag of dry beans on my countertop as decoration I won’t even…oh god it’s looking at me. The bag of beans is just looking over at me, it’s staring at me and giving me that I’m-disappointed-in-you face.

Back to Queensrÿche, here's a song by them I love. They're all good, but this one I never tire of-