• by Z

The Dao of Hoarding Toilet Paper

Why? Why did everyone decide to hoard the toilet paper, I just don’t understand the reason why… but after many days I have concluded that people are most likely just eating it. I’m just so sure of it now, I mean why else would you hoard something like toilet paper when the item wasn’t in short supply in the first place, and you could just buy food instead? To make TP Cordon Bleu that’s why. You can’t make Charmin ultra tender roast without massive amounts of TP you know.

Fuck, everything’s now been deduced to that word “fuck”

ppl hoarded up all the tp and the canned food, and the eggs, and milk, and tp (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that enough.) It was funny though, when I went to the grocery store the only cheese left was muenster, that’s like the best cheese! Other things that I eat were also left behind like canned refried beans, canned corn & beans, and fruit, a lot of fruit was available actually and vegetables too. One precious item (other than the damn tp) that was all taken was the canned garbanzo beans, which bummed me out because I love garbanzo beans. In the end whatever I guess, I just have to know that we’re all in the same shitty situation because of the quarantine. We just have to hang in there, I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot “just hang in there.” Mostly because, I mean, what else am I supposed to say you know, I don’t know.

So to pass the time lately I’ve been watching some movies, I like action films the best, so far I’ve watched the first three Alien films (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3) and some Korean action films too, I like everything (almost) from Korean actor Don Lee. The Descent, I like it because It’s scary as hell so watch it at night ok. Someone recently recommended The Raid, which I thought was awesome, I had talked to a friend of mine about it and he said that he didn’t like The Raid that much because it was all pretty much non-stop fighting from the very beginning, and I said that I loved it because it was all non-stop fighting from the very beginning.

I also decided to play some video games the other day, which I hadn’t done since 2016. I played Super Mario bros. U and Mario 3D world. I only played maybe a total of two hours over the span of three days ‘cause I suck at games and gaming isn’t that interesting to me in first place, but it was nice to reminisce back on the times when I first played the games with my little baby bro, ah I miss that jerk. Actually nobody ever really wanted to play games with me before, or now, because I just freak out over everything, and there's a lot of pausing and screaming involved with me so... yeah. Even now I wouldn't really be able to get into playing games 'cause eventually my neighbors would be knocking at my door to see why I'm screaming so damn much. I mean I do have a screaming pillow, but it's only for when I'm reading at night, you know some stories are just too intense for my feels.... and TMI!

I haven’t decided on one book to read these days, I’ve only been looking at short stories and re-reading some material. Since this whole epidemic has messed up everything for everyone, I can’t pick a new book until I’m back in my normal routine dang it! On the upside I have been spending more time on doing translations these past two weeks for my language classes, and it’s been fun, I like it I like it I like it. It’s difficult for me, and time consuming for sure because nothing really has a direct translation, and It’s hard to read the different scripts, but little by little I get it (sometimes). My Urdu teacher helps me a lot of course, and she told me something interesting the other day. She said that some of her students – older students, like older people – ok you get it, that they got together with a couple of their friends to just quarantine themselves in one house for two or three weeks, which I thought was very sweet. Though it's just me in my apt, I have been keeping in touch with my family thankfully, so I don't feel the loneliness of it all. It's also nice that I've received some emails & texts from ppl to see how I'm doing. Thanks for that, and of course I hope you and your loved ones are doing very well and keeping safe.

On another note, the streets are looking pretty empty in Brickell these days, but there are plenty of people out running and exercising so that's good. No shirtless dudes though, in these sad and unfortunate times guys shouldn't be out wearing shirts (wtf with them.) If you're gonna be out running just don't put a shirt on ok, stop being so selfish come on. Whatever, I should just go to SoBe to run if I want to see some shirtless action- look it's not even that important I just like to sulk I guess. Wait a minute, did I tell you that the beaches are closed? Well - the beaches are closed! AH the world is cruel and I don't want to live in it anymore 😭 The beaches are closed, the pool is closed, well you can walk and run at the beach, but you can't go to just chill and swim and lay under the sun. You know the things beaches were made for... yeah you can't do them anymore man! You want to go to SoBe in the middle of the night with your peeps to smoke weed and not invite Z, yeah well you can't do that right now.