• by Z

The Beach is Back

Hey! They opened the beaches up finally. Which means we’re not grounded anymore here in Miami. The Governor or the mayor, or somebody decided to push back the reopening of the beaches because of the protests, but now they’re finally open so we can all go to the beach… and protest at the beach. No, it’s really no joke about the protests though, it was a horrible thing what happened to that gentleman in Minneapolis, and it is so unfortunate that brutality like that keeps recurring, specially towards the African American and other black communities. I don’t want to get into it, but it is something that hurts all of us so we’re all screwed in the end.

Ah this has, and still is a very stressful time we’re all going through, and I know everything’s gone batshit crazy, but of course we should still try to be thankful that we’re getting through it (hopefully). On the upside, I did find yet another use for the *still* mandatory face mask. Ok let’s say you’re at the gym pumping some iron ok, and you’re really working out hard and not just being a dud, wasting space, and looking extra beta. Well you’re bound to make those grunting/pained expressions right (again-if you’re really working out hard). So that’s where the face mask comes in, to hide your distorted face from other gym-goers who might otherwise pass by, and think you’re about to soil yourself on that next set of squats. Personally when I’m struggling with baby weight, I know I make dumb faces, but now i know that I can just wear a mask and hide it all. 👍🏽

Well anyway, I went to the beach this weekend. It was awesome, I got a nice burn all over my body lol and I’m super itchy now. No regrets though, I was so happy to see there were people out enjoying the nice weather out with their families. It was so nice. I gotta let my skin heal for a couple of days before I can return to the beach though, dang. Oh well. Not everything else is open in Miami yet, but hopefully hopefully hopefully very soon everything will be up and running again. I think the situation at the airports has loosened up a bit too, which is good because I’m feeling like I need to go somewhere you know. Just anywhere. Anywhere is fine. I have maybe one trip planned and another half-planned (in my imagination), and the year is half gone so I better be quick about it. I really wanna go back to Mexico City in September 🤞🏽 I really need some tacos de la capital. Un chingo de chile tambien quiero.

Oh man my skin is so itchy waaaa! It’s bright red too, ouch ouch ouch. Why don’t I ever learn dammit! I got some mosquito bites on my legs too ‘cause I went out for a walk to Brickell the other evening, and the mosquitos got me. It’s been raining some, and it’s June so of course there’s lots of mosquitos now. So be careful if you’re going out alright. Spray yourself with repellant spray, and wear a hazmat suit before stepping out into Miami, that way the mosquitos won’t get ya.

Well I hope you and your loved ones keep doing well, I gotta go now but I’ll leave you with these pictures I’ve taken recently of MIAMI

For people who love to hear really loud and annoying wind sounds in videos ->