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Te Soñe

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hey it’s almost the beginning of the Fall, it’s been a hot summer so I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling down soon.

I’ve been a little busy with some stuff for the past two months and so I haven’t really had a chance to pop-in and say “hello” or anything like that, but I hope you’ve been doing well and taking care.

I did make the time to go to the concert that I had been planning on since May or something like that.

I went to see a band called ZOE at The Fillmore in Miami Beach. The concert was on a weekday, and honestly I was feeling a little unmotivated and lazy. I didn’t really want to go… also it had been raining. Once I got the place though, I started getting really excited to see the band.

I used to love listening to ZOE when I was in high school, they were really popular back then… back in my day.

Lol I love saying that now: “back in my day” it sounds so dramatic.

Anyway, I need to get some earplugs or something for my ears for the next time that I go to a concert, because at some point during all of the blasting noise, my right ear just stopped working. It was just kind of extreme, and I thought “this is some bullsh—”

My ears are working again, just fyi, but it was a little scary. A little pro tip: get some earplugs for your next concert experience.

Also, another pro tip: If you go to a concert make sure to wear underwear that won’t give you a wedgie, ‘cause then it’s kind of awkward when you’re pulling it out.

Hey! I wasn’t the one wearing ill fitting undies! It was other people, geez, I can’t believe you would think it was me. No! I just saw a couple of guys pulling ‘em out at the concert hall. It was probably due to their skinny jeans, idk.

Anyway…I took some clips of the concert to share and whatever, but now that I’m looking them, I’m screaming a whole lot and it’s annoying.

Note to self: stop your goddamn screaming!

I did choose the clips with the least amount of screaming and annoying singing, so, you’re welcome.