• by Z

"praying to the sky"

I’ve been having these awful dreams lately, that I’m falling from my bed but it’s a long fall. A fall that doesn’t end, I just keep falling. Last night was a different dream, it was still scary as shit though, I dreamt that Lil Peep came into my bedroom. If you don’t know who Lil Peep is, he was a rapper, kind-of, I think, but he died a year or two ago. He was in his early 20’s too which was sad, anyway I just recently started listening to a few of his songs, not my favorite but they’re ok. Well I dreamt that I was having the best sleep and then Lil Peep came into my bedroom right, and I got scared, and in my sleepy daze I said to him “Lil Peep please don’t take me away, it’s not Halloween yet man and you’re super skinny so you’d just hurt yourself.” -Something like that I think I said. Then I woke up and had some coffee, and everything’s cool now except maybe that dream has me a bit startled. I’m not listening to his music anymore, I mean I was curious about the hype but enough now, geez. Youtube! Stop suggesting I listen to his stuff man, come on.

Youtube knows me so well though lol

I think there’s a correlation between my bad dreams and that noise that I hear at night. It’s my neighbor’s pet but idk what the heck it is, it sounds like a bird choking or like a dying cat. I can’t really explain it but I can hear it real loud at night and I just wish it would shut up and let me sleep, but anyway yeah I think that’s the reason for my nightmares booooo. Booo someone kill it booooo