• by Z

November '19

Ok wait a minute I want to say something first- the holidays are upon us…almost, and it makes one think - “what are the holidays really all about (question mark, exclamation point, question mark)”

And in my opinion the holidays are all about the Christmas sweaters, that’s just me personally, but to you they might mean something completely different. For instance, I don’t know, family and stuff and being thankful…and stuff, but really it’s about the holiday sweaters don’t lie to yourself ok. Now I got this very special Christmas sweater about two years ago. TWO YEARS AGO! And I just had a chance to wear it this early November for maybe two, no, one day. One measly day, Oh why! It’s my very special - “Megadeth Countdown To Christmas” sweater. I had to go to Santa Fe to wear it too, I mean come on, but I am happy that I did get at least that one glorious day with my holiday sweater- Z for the win.

Now that I’ve been back in Miami though there’s no way in hell I’d wear it, people would think I’m a freak or something. Actually it’s super freezing in the mornings in Miami right now, the temp’s around 65 and cloudy sometimes, and my heater isn’t working…maybe because I don’t have a heater. Miami isn’t a place for heaters after all, so I’m just having lots of tea to warm up. During the day it does warm up considerably to about 75 to 80 maybe, so it’s not that bad, and I do enjoy the cool breeze in the mornings.

You know when I was in Santa Fe I had a lot of reading done, usually when I go over I watch a bunch of movies and catch up on my reading. During October I like to read Lovecraft, I don’t know I just like the way he writes, and his stories always kind of leave me hanging at the end. This year I read “at the mountains of madness” and “the call of Cthulhu”, they’re both good although I liked the first one better, the call of Cthulhu was a little overrated I thought. Also I’ve been reading a book that is very dear to me, mostly because I read it about ten years ago and I really loved it, so it’s a real treat to be reading it again and it’s called “A Sudden Dawn.” Maybe I’ve mentioned it before I’m not sure, it’s good though. I also read a few other shorter stories I’ve been following, actually I overdid with that a bit, I would start at around 8pm and I’d fall asleep once I finished the story around 4 in the morning. I did that for three days straight or so, it was brutal, but I was in distress over losing something very important to me so I had to get my mind off of it somehow. So I read until my eyes were too tired to even stay open, it was just, just promise me you won’t do that. It’s not fun I promise, well, no, it is fun, but come on just

read responsibly.

Hey I don’t know if anyone’s seen - Love, Sex & Robots. It’s a Netflix sci-fi series, I’m not particularly into sci-fi but this show looked kinda good from a few music videos that I watched a while ago. I just listened to them the other day and I thought I’d share them, ‘cause they’re so gooooood.