• by Z

My favorite story ended recently

I had been following it for the past two years or so and finally it ended this past week (insert emoji girl bawling her heart out in tears) I’m ok though. Maybe a little bit, not 100% but definitely good.

Uwah! Why did it have to end?! 😭😭😭

Ehem… Ok I’m good now, for another solid five minutes or so, so I better hurry up and finish this… I’ve been re-reading other stories I love though. So they can distract me from the fact that my favorite story (that shall remain unnamed) ended. Oh that word - “ended” how odious it is. It takes all of the time and love you had towards something and just crushes it in the two seconds that it takes for “ended” to be said. There are other stories though, I guess, and my consolation re-reads as well… You see I have a system going ‘cause I usually read at night right- so first I read one of my super exciting stories and then [so I don’t stay up all night] I have a secondary book that I read after so it helps me fall asleep. Right now my secondary book is the Mahabharat, it’s friggin’ long but it’s really good. Super Good! A lot of parts are just filler though, and have nothing to do with anything. It’s just the characters explaining //justifying// why this or that happened, and virtue this and virtue that, and my virtue is better than yours haha