• by Z

La Nela

I just replaced the cyan cartridge on my printer, hooray for me, yesterday was the yellow and tomorrow I’ll switch out the magenta. So hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be printing in full color again. If I switch out the magenta today though, that would just be too much excitement for one day you see, so I gotta wait ‘till tomorrow to do it. That’s delayed gratification in action right there, oh wait but what if I’m not ready for full color prints. I hadn’t thought of that, I’m just so used to black and white.

No of course I’m ready for color prints what am I saying. Anyway, I just finished my one book in Spanish to read a year, it’s titled “Marianela”, and a good friend of mine recommended it to me, but it’s so sad! It’s so unbearably depressing, I told her, I said - dude! Wtf with you, this book is too sad why would you do this to me I thought we were friends? -

Putting the very perfect Spanish aside that was difficult for me to understand, the characters and the story as a whole was just kind of a downer. The MC is a poor orphan girl and she’s “useless”, the books words not mine, and she falls in love with this blind boy that also loves her, because he’s blind, obvi, but then he gets eye surgery and he’s able to see again. After which of course the little blind boy wants to see his friend Marianela, but (waaaa) she doesn’t want him to see her ‘cause she’s not a looker you know what I mean. So she hides from being seen by him, because she thinks that if the boy sees her then he won’t like her anymore and I’m making this sound awfully vain but that’s my fault, the book is much more flowery and beautifully written. Well the ending is sad but I won’t spoil it for if you want to read it- and she dies! She dies in the end, the blind boy who can see again finally sees her and lets out a yelp ‘cause the poor Marianela is an ugly duckling, and she is so broken hearted by this and so she dies. The end.

Oops I guess I let it out after all… so, I started another book recently, more of what I’m used to reading. It’s called “Buddha a story of enlightenment” by Deepak Chopra. Hmm…the beginning was good, but then it got a little too over-sentimental in my opinion, but I am hopeful that the action will pick up though it’s not looking like it will. The story is sweet though, I like it.

What’s today by the way? Oh it’s January still, that’s good that’s good. It’s been a good month so far, it’s been calm for me since I’ve been back home from visiting fam in California. It’s was so cold, I know I complain about the cold a lot, but it was really cold. I made some tamales while I was over there- well, my aunt made them, and I ate them. So I was involved in the process. We made red with pork and some rajas con queso, they were deliciously spicy too. I mean you know when something is spicy, when you feel it burning all the way, all the way. And now I’m back in Miami where there is no spicy food, oh well.

Here are some pics from my trip ☃️