• by Z

It's May already

Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I just recently returned from my trip to Mexico City, which I enjoyed very much, although I did end up getting sick and it was kind of unpleasant having to breathe in all of the pollution. It wasn’t the water that got me sick though, it was just that I ate something bad- twice. If I had a chance to do it all over again though I think I would have eaten the same things, and in the end maybe next time I visit I’ll be immune to the food or something, so it’s all good. The air was very polluted too, I’m used to clear blue skies- no, very very clear blue skies, and over there it was a layer of grey over the city. On one side it was good because it prevented me from getting sun burned, but I mean come on I don’t want to be breathing in dirty air. Oh and everyone speaks Spanish over there (Well Duuuuuuh!) ok ok I’m just kidding, yes obviously they’ll speak Spanish but what I meant to say is that I had to speak Spanish as well, ALL THE TIME! It was exhausting. I’m tired now just thinking about it, and I know you might say - “Oh but people in Miami speak mostly Spanish.” Yes, that is true, but I usually speak English to them and they understand me so I don’t speak Spanish all that often. I’m happy that perhaps my Spanish improved a little more while I was over there, but I’m not for certain on that.

There was so much candy over there too, I didn’t have a lot but I did try a lot of tacos, and they were all very delicious. I thought it was kind of strange that there was no a/c anywhere I went though. I mean the apartment I was staying at didn’t have a/c, the uber drivers didn’t turn on the a/c, the stores didn’t have a/c, the restaurants didn't have a/c. WTH with that, I was dying. Sure it wasn’t that hot to begin with but gimme my a/c man. One thing that was very interesting to me is that people over there are very much into PDA, I mean everywhere I went couples were holding hands and making out all over the place. I don’t think I have ever been anywhere where so many people are constantly making out in public, other than when I was in high school but that’s a different story.

Mexico was so welcoming, I miss it so much already, every day since I’ve been back. I thought that now that I finally had the opportunity to visit that I would be rid of this burning hunger, but it seems like I’ll always be hungry for the country. Well it can’t be helped I suppose