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I’ve been watching that show Stranger Things recently mostly because I want to be part of the fad. So what’s the show about? It’s primarily about nose-bleeders ok. Nose-bleeders and monsters, and a bunch of kids are involved too. Anyway, I made it to season 4 and the show’s just not as good as I was hoping it would be. I thought I was going to love it but I don’t, then again I really don’t like much and just fyi number 001 is Vecna.

What?! Like you even know who number 001 is…it’s the orderly.

Muahahaha I’m evil! Eeeevil!

I finally got on the Netflix bandwagon so that I could watch some shows and movies with my little baby brother, who I went to visit this last month. I mean, he’s a grown man, but I refer to him as my little baby brother because in my eyes he’ll always be that thirteen year old scrawny tween who would get in trouble for prank-calling the entire neighborhood.

Well, he recently moved to Texas so I was there for a little while to help him move into a new apartment, and I was excited to hear that he has this girl he met at the gym that he likes a lot and has been talking to for a few weeks now.

Let’s call her Ana.

After many friendly conversations at the gym my brother finally asked her out on a date, and according to him the date went well, thankfully. So now, hopefully, they’re on track to becoming a couple soon, or eventually. Eventually, in the future maybe, haha I don’t really know I just have a feeling that they’re probably made for each other because they’re both gym rats, and apparently they both have the same sense of humor. Great signs so far.

Of course I’m happy for my little bro and all, but oh my goodness the entire time we were hanging out he was just nonstop talking to me about how great this girl Ana is. I get it already you’re obsessed, but why do I have to keep hearing about it? At some point it’s just weird you know, and to make matters worse he was also on his phone talking to her pretty much the entire time I was in Texas lol. Needless to say, I was ignored during the whole visit.

Since my brother’s new apartment wasn’t ready for him to move in to when I arrived to Texas I told him to stay with me at my small-house-airbnb-place in the meantime. So we shared a space for about a week which was ok except he was waking up way too early to go to the gym and in turn I’d wake up from hearing him scurrying around like a rat at 5am when I should have been getting my beauty sleep instead. He was also constantly cooking and making a mess in the kitchen, ‘cause he’s crazy and has to eat seven meals everyday, so I was cleaning up after his mess everyday, and you know there’s the whole – being ignored the entire time because he’s obsessed with talking to this girl Ana. The worst thing about sharing a space with my little brother though was probably the fact that he insisted on walking around the airbnb in nothing but his tiny short shorts. Why god why!

I’d keep telling him – for the love of all that is good in the world please put on some damn pants man and a shirt. I should not have to tell you this every day. As a matter of fact, where’s that chādor I got you. Put that on, you’re gonna make me have nightmares.

All in all I had fun hanging out with my little baby brother after not seeing him for almost a year and a half. I miss him you know, plus I guess he didn’t completely ignore me because we ended up taking a few drives around the town, and went out to eat a couple of times, and we even went to a comedy show that was pretty ok. So we had fun for the most part I think. And that was my month of May pretty much and now it’s June, and next month – yep you’ve got it, it’s gonna be July lol. Damn this year’s going by soooo slowly and I just can’t wait to get it over with.

Oh my goodness I’m forgetting the ghost of the house in Texas. So, the place I rented had this garage right, and we’d have to go in there to use the washer and dryer. Well, after finishing laundry we’d close the door and lock it, but eventually the door would open anyway and it was scary! My brother and I would be sitting in the living room watching TV or something when suddenly we’d hear – creeeeeeeeeak. At first we’d ignore it but the door would just keep creaking open little by little. After a while we figured that strong winds were the cause of the door constantly opening, but I mean it was scary for me because my bedroom was downstairs right next to the friggin’ garage.

So that was my trip, and hopefully I get to visit my little bro again in December or sometime before the end of the year. And yes I can see that just how my little bro is obsessed with talking about this girl Ana that I’m obsessed with talking about him. I can see it clearly ok you don’t have to be a hater like I’m a hater towards all the shows on Netflix. I’ll try to refrain from watching (and ruining) anything from here on, and try to shut up about my little bro already alright. You’re welcome.

Also, here are some pieces of conversations we had during the trip that I wanted to share:

Regarding my brother’s date with Ana at the fancy steakhouse they went to –

Me: “If I had a date, I would take them to Mexico City to eat some tacos and then fly back to Miami”

Little Bro: “WTF why would you take someone to Mexico City for tacos? They’ll probably think you’re kidnapping them to steal their kidney or something”

Me: “Hey, I wouldn’t do that ok, we’d only go for some tacos al pastor. Plus, I don’t know why you’d think I would even have the connections to pull something like stealing a kidney, but more importantly that’s just not the person that I am ok. I’m not about about stealing anyone’s kidney, or anything actually, it’s against my moral standards. So what’d you guys have anyway at your fancy dinner?”

Little Bro: “Well I had chicken, and I told Ana that she could get whatever she wanted so she got chicken as well.”

Me: “Are you f*cking kidding me? Your first date you take her to a fancy steakhouse and you both get the f*cking chicken?!? Did you at least have some dessert?”

Little Bro: “No we didn’t have any dessert ‘cause we had to train early the next day”

Me: “……”

Little Bro: “……..”

Me: “……. Well that’s nice that you’re both getting along well. It sounds like you both have similar gym rat goals and stuff. That’s cool”

Regarding my little brother wearing his shorts around the house –

Me: “Hey underwear is not real clothes. Put on some damn pants man”

Little Bro: “What? They’re not underwear these are my gym shorts”

Me: “….Well that explains why you’ve been kicked out of every gym you’ve ever been to…”

Regarding a new blazer I was sporting during my trip –

Me: “Hey what’ you think of my new blazer? Is it fire or what?”

Little Bro: “….you look like you got it out of a lost & found”

Me: “I don't appreciate your jealous tone man. Plus that’s exactly the look I’m going for anyway”

Regarding the garage ghost –

*My little bro and I sitting in the living room watching tv*

Me: *hears a creaking noise* “Que chingados fue eso guey?”

Little bro: *looks at me scared* “Yeah I heard it too”

Me: “Is it the garage? Go close the garage door”

Little bro: “I had closed it and locked it, maybe it’s just an evil spirit”

Me: “Great thinking a-hole. How am I gonna be able to sleep now?”

Little bro: *Shrugs* “All I know is I can run faster than you”

Me: “You’re already seriously thinking about leaving me behind with this ghost man?!?!”