• by Z


I need time to myself right now. There's a lot that I have to do and finish, and I don't have time for anything else at present so I'm going on hiatus until April I guess, maybe even May, I'm not really certain right now.

So what does that mean? It means figure it out on your own, that's what that means. It also means that if you need a reference, of course I would be happy to provide one for you. Just ask the lady...or gentleman hehe to contact me via email - zdvilla@live.com

" What? By phone Z? "

No, no that's not what I said. I'm telling you to - " Ask them to EMAIL ME. TO CONTACT ME BY EMAIL at zdvilla@live.com "

I'm not going to be answering texts or calls.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet someone new and fantastic, and I'm just looking out for you ok. It may not seem like it, but I really am.


"Oh woe. Woe is me!" I walk around and I just say that, and I'm at home and I say that, and when I'm quiet I repeat it in my head. Even winter days are too long, oh woe! woe is me!

Ok, ok that just came out.

Dang it stay in!

Ok I'm keeping it in now again, I'm very good at that actually. I can keep things inside forever and ever. Mostly because I'm a coward, and a quitter too, but mostly a coward. Right now I'm going through this phase of constant dissonance and it's been wearing me down.

What do I know? That's what I want to figure out, and maybe when I do I will be able to come back to myself.

So that's the status quo as of now, and since December actually so what can I tell ya... I was fighting it so so very hard, but I lost to it and that's that. I'm super pissed at me though, I didn't think I would have to go through this ever again, but at least I know that I can fix it. I just need some time. Lots and lots of time

What am I talking about right now...I don't even know ok. Geez I can't even tell you anything. I'm out! Out out out now

P.S. - Here's a playlist I've been listening to lately, I curated it myself so I know you love it already. It's mostly Nigerian artists now that I'm looking it over and they're all amazing of course.