• by Z

Hello March, you’re here again

I think March is my least favorite month of the year, mostly because for some reason, just for some ungodly reason, the authors of some story/stories that I might be reading for some time- they all decide to end the stories around March. It’s just awful, why?!? But why? No- why? So I just finished a story I had been following, and oh my poor heart hurts. That’s not all though, my favorite reading app in the whole world will be taken down soon early this March. So what am I gonna do now, how am I gonna just - just how even, just what? <- exactly, my brain doesn’t work anymore, thank you world.

It’s ok though, I’ll just have to read other things now. Sure I have other things in my kindle, and I have actual physical books as well so i'll just read those too. I’ve been meaning to read Journey to the West for years now, so now is my chance 👍

I just returned from a very short trip to London by the way, I was there for only two days or so. The food was good (I didn’t really have that much though), the weather was cold, and rainy, and windy, but the people were very pleasant, and the city quite picturesque. I travelled to London to see one of my most favorite music artists- Atif Aslam, and the concert was amazing, of course! It was so so good, and I was even lucky enough to shake his hand at the end of the concert. It was very exciting 🤩

The entire trip was very tiring, the flight was 8+ hours, and I walked a lot and took the train everywhere. It was raining most of the time also, geez just thinking about it is making me tired. Ok enough about London weather, I made a video of my trip, that I’ll attach to this post, so you can watch it if you’d like. After going over my video clips I realized two things. One - my voice is annoying, and two - I sing like shit... so just watch out for that I guess


Anyway, I recently cut my hair three inches, that’s three inches of confidence I’ve now lost and have to regrow. Luckily my hair grows back kinda fast, and by “fast” I mean- regular speed, which is fast in my opinion. It’s good now that it’s shorter though because it doesn’t get stuck in my pants anymore, but it’s bad because I feel a little naked without the ends of my hair you know.