• by Z

Frio y Viento

Ah the Fall, it marks the beginning of the cold season, and along with it come the toasty fires, warm clothes, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Oooh how chilly. The only problem is that, it’s not Fall-y enough here in Miami… oh Miami how I love you. Yes but, I just wanted to catch the Fall a little bit, just a little bit, so I decided to go to Colorado for a few days with my little baby bro, whom I hadn’t seen in almost three years! Oh that’s too long to be away from him. It was so nice to finally pick on him in person, because nobody trolls him like I do. I had a lot of fun hanging out, we went to the gym, the mountains, we carved a pumpkin, and just, you know, talked. We talked a lot, about the past and the people we used to know, the places we’ve been, and so on. I wanted to go ice-skating too but the rinks over there, you had to make a reservation or something, and in the end it just didn't happen. So ice-skating is still in my wishlist for this year.

It was smoky, and cold up in the mountains

... Oh and here's a picture of me looking lame. Hey it's not my fault that my brother can't take a good picture to save his life, I mean the guy was getting all of my bad angles okay...and the picture is all crooked and oh my goodness, just awful.

This was my little Colorado pumpkin, I named him Poppins. He has three teeth 'cause my brother carved one of them off. How absolutely cruel of him.

In all honestly though I'm not a big fan of Colorado, hard pass on Colorado. It's a nice state, it's just - hard pass for me. I actually went because someone very dear to me passed away recently, and I wasn't alright. I was in a deep hole of pain and regret, and I believed it would be good for me to see my little bro. He's really the one that loves Colorado, so we hung out there for a few days to- I don't know- grieve together? It's been maybe close to two months now, and I know that I can't just keep hiding away from everyone and everything, and that I should pick up the phone and reply to my friend's messages or something like that, but I just haven't been up for it. I'm not looking for a pity-party though ok, I hate to hear the "sorry for your loss" or the "I'm here for you" so just spare me ok. Thank you

Well now that I've had a taste of freedom during my recent short trip out of town, I want more! I wanna go here and there, and I've been looking at flights to anywhere! I was thinking of traveling to Ottawa in December to visit the Rideau Canal Skateway, but I don't think it opens until February. Dang it! Now I'm trying to convince my bro to go to Philly with me in December - hey Philly, another hard pass for me - but I know my little bro has always wanted to visit Paddy's pub, so hey why not. Where else, where else? hmm... still thinking about it