• by Z

Email 💌

Listen, let me tell you something first – I ran out of ketchup. That’s first and foremost alright.

Also, I just found out that my multivitamin doesn’t have potassium. So, I’ve gotta get some potassium vitamins ok.

Lastly – I know I had mentioned feeling like a beaten dog and it’s just that since January my schedule had been really crazy, and I’ve had a lot to do but thankfully I’m on a short break right now which means I won’t have to put up with anybody’s BS for about two weeks and so I’m just loving it right now… For the first time in a long while I woke up with this warm and relaxing feeling in my chest.

“What is this beautiful feeling?” – I thought. Is this what freedom and happiness feels like? I had forgotten.

Oh it feels so good, oh my goodness, oh it’s so so so nice.

Oh yes I like this, I like this a lot. Yes! YEEEEEEEEES!

Alright, enough of that but seriously I feel so much better now.

Of course I hope you’re doing well, and I appreciate that some people reached out to me through email to say hello. I know I’ve been an ingrate so far and haven’t replied to any of those messages, but I’m getting to doing that soon hopefully. I did make sure to reply to reference requests, so at least I was kinda reliable with that.

Email is good because I don’t have my phone anymore, at all. I actually got rid of my number late in January and then soon after I got rid of my physical phone too in a moment of craziness.

Also, I’m not sure if I’m coming back or not since my schedule will continue to be really nuts and I don’t want to be unreliable or moody or anything like that, but I am keeping my site at least until the end of the year so I can still occasionally say “hi”.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you soon. Be well and take care! ☺