• by Z

coffee & kindle oasis

Hey I started drinking coffee on June 13th, I took a picture of it and everything. I won't share the pic though since it's dumb, but I got my first cup at Starbucks, and oh my goodness it was terrible. Not because it was from Starbucks but just because I’ve always thought that coffee tastes bad, and then you get the coffee breath afterwards and yuck, but after a week or so now I’ve gotten used to the taste of coffee and am drinking it every morning. Green tea has always been my go-to drink, because it's strong and light at the same time and I’ve always enjoyed the taste of it very much, but then I got this idea in my head to start drinking coffee because it has more caffeine and that thought was very appealing so here I am now drinking the stuff.

Also there’s a new kindle out, the Kindle Oasis, that you can take into the bath and read it there because it’s waterproof or something, and apparently the bathtub is where most people like to read books according to Amazon. Now the question is- should I get one? Sure I don’t need it, but maybe my current kindle would like it for company, although we’re always together and I would probably just get jealous. No, no, no, no, no, this is just nuts even thinking about it, damn you Amazon for confusing my feelings!

It comes in 32gigs though… but my current kindle is also 32gigs ‘cause I got the special edition import oooh. I had the 8gig one at first, but then when I ran out of space I went and got the kindle I currently have (❤️). Right now the primary stories I’m reading on it are the Mahabharat (yes I haven’t finished it yet, I’m at the part where they’re about to start fighting though finally) and 7 Secrets of Shiva, which I’ve already read but it’s just too good imo. A Sudden Dawn and Love in the Time of Cholera are my secondary stories. I’ve read A Sudden Dawn before, but it’s been like ten years so I wanted to re-read it, and Love in the Time of Cholera was recommended to me by a friend but I don’t know if I’m liking the story too much. It’s about this doctor guy and his friend dies, and he likes to be in a bad mood and complain about his wife and his dead friend’s girlfriend and the fact that he’s older now and there's a parrot involved and some dead dogs too. I don’t usually read these types of stories so I’m still getting acclimated to it, but I’m sure I’m going to like it the more I read it. I mean, maybe- maybe I’ll like it soon, maybe. I also received some physical books to read from friends and family within the past week so I’ve been looking at those as well. I’ll get one and bring it near my nose and take in a big whiff before opening it up. Man physical books smell so good! I’ve always liked that new and old book smell, but I’m spoiled with my kindle- I can read forever and ever on it vs physical books which cause my wrists to start hurting or my neck and then I need a night light and - oh I sound so old and boring now never mind.