• by Z

August 1st

Hey I went out the other day to do some shopping for a friend of mine that I’m visiting in Japan… Waaaaa! I’m going to Japan, how awesome is that?!

-wait a minute I didn’t finish what I wanted to say. I went out shopping the other day, and I noticed that all of the stores have decorated for the fall season. Already? wow, I mean it just happened so suddenly.

I feel the stores telling me “It’s Fall already in your face!”

I mean wait a minute, I’m still enjoying the blistering heat of the summer in Miami come on. I can’t be thinking of the changing season. It’s fine I guess

It’s started to rain a lot too, which sucks because I’m going out of town and I can’t leave my plants outside. So when I come back they might be dead, nooooo.

Ok so let me tell you about my Japan trip, I’m going- and that’s about as much planning as I’ve done. I just got an airbnb the other day for the first week I’ll be staying over there, and I don’t know where I’ll be staying the second week yet but I’ll figure it out when I’m over there. I’ve had kind of a hectic past week or so so I haven’t really had a chance to plan for anything, all I know is that I’m meeting my friend for dinner on my first day there. I swear I’m excited about the trip, I’m just so tired right now I haven’t even packed and I’m leaving tomorrow wtf, and I have this dilemma. I just bought a few books and I want to take them with me of course, but they won’t fit in my bag 😭😭😭 so I’m gonna be missing them. Oh I miss them already, I have them in digital form as well but oh why must we part. Well wish me luck or whatever, and if you don’t hear back from me then feel free to assume I became a Yakuza boss and will be staying in Japan indefinitely😜

PS - I saw this Key & Peele skit the other day I thought was hilarious. I'll attach the link so you can check it out. I'll also add a video I made which is just a compilation of clips I took with my phone this past week.