• by Z

Atif Aslam

Hey guys, how ya been? …. ok ok good to know now moving on- I’ve been conflicted lately. Idk maybe I’ve mentioned it before every time we meet or something, that I was learning Hindi for a while, and I loved learning the language and its culture and everything, but recently I decided to transition to Urdu right. So I thought “Urdu is the same as Hindi it’s just written differently”, and that’s wrong! That’s so wrong! I was wrong, yes they’re both kinda the same but at the same time they’re completely different. I mean even romanized Urdu is written differently from Hindi wth. Ok there’s no need to be miserable about that right? Well that’s wrong too! because Indian and Pakistani cultures are different, and they’re both wonderful sure but when I talk to people from Pakistan (through a language exchange application) I feel like I’m insulting them with my extreme lack of knowledge about their country and the things they’re into and all that, and then when I talk to people from India and I tell them how much I love Pakistani music, it’s like I’m betraying Arijit Singh or something when I didn’t even like Arijit that much in the first place. Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s been going on for over six months now and walking on eggshells for six months gets tiring. On a positive note though, I just started taking Urdu lessons again. I had taken a months worth about six or seven months ago but my teacher and I had too many internet connection issues so I stopped, but now I found a new teacher and she’s super kind and super cute so I’m very excited to be taken under her wing. I hope she can help me understand….everything, yeah everything. Anyway don’t worry if you didn’t understand anything I just said, it’s ok just listen to this beautiful song by Atif Aslam ❤️

Oh wait, there’s one thing both Indian and Pakistani people always ask me “why do you want to learn Hindi and Urdu, they won’t benefit you at all” 🤦🏽‍♀️