• by Z

May 🌺

Firstly- I do hope that you and your loved ones have been hanging in there amidst these very difficult times, and…and yeah.

Ok got that out of the way, we’re all doing sucky anyway but what can we do just try to be careful. Well May is here and oh I love this month, it’s my favorite (I feel like I say that for other months as well hmm), wait no it's like mid-May already where did the time go? Unfortunately everything is still closed her, nobody can go to the beach or anything like that… Ok I’m trying to say something positive here, it’s just not coming out hmmm… think, think 🤔🤔

Oh! That’s right, I found toilet paper at the store the other day, so things are looking up yay! 👍

I even sent some of my friends and family a picture of the tp aisle at the store with the caption of - “happiest day of my life.”

Also the streets have been looking a bit more lively lately. I think the parks have been opened or something? I see all kinds of people out exercising…a lot of shirtless guys too.

Things are looking up I’m telling ya. The gyms are beaches and pools are definitely still closed, so we just have to, have to, have to stay inside…in quarantine, and just suck it up.

Well since I’ve just been at home (like everyone else) I’ve been taking time to do some reading, watching some movies, and shows, and lazy stuff like that. Recently I finished The Kite Runner, a friend recommended that book to me, and although I did find interesting that the story mostly takes place in Afghanistan before, during, and after the war, the plot was devastating and heartbreaking….and the mc is a crying useless guy the entire book. After finished the Kite Runner, and just when I thought I wouldn’t listen to my friends suggestions, another friend of mine suggested a book called Big Little Lies. The book focuses on the lives of these three women, who are friends and they have kids, and they take their kids to school, and there’s drama at the school, and the moms like to fight with each other. Now although it was very well written, I just didn’t like much about it, but then again it’s not what I typically get into reading you know. The story was soooo so gossipy, it’s so gossipy it’s making ME gossipy, sheesh. Someone give me something to gossip about quick!

You know I’m getting used to this whole mask-wearing-thing, I’m not saying I’m loving it, but I’m just getting used to having to wear it. It has its pros and cons…mostly cons definitely. The main con being that YOU HAVE A FRIGGIN MASK ON YOUR FACE! And it’s not so easy to breathe and all, and you look funny, and it doesn’t go with your hair, and it leaves marks on you if you have one of those respirator masks. So on and so forth. I did find some pros though so lemme give ‘em to you right here ->

pro #1 - let’s say you have a pimple (like I had the other week) then you can just wear a mask. voilà

pro #2 - let’s say you’re checking out a guy’s ass and you instinctively smile (broadly), he can’t see that you’re perving out ‘cause you have a mask on (mask for the win)

pro #3 - masks make people look more mysterious, and somehow that’s a pro in my book?

…I feel like I’m forgetting some pro… Ah! Of course -

pro #4 - if you sneeze then your disgusting airborne microbes stay within your mask (of course super pro) Well ok this is THE main reason we’ve all had to wear protective face gear in the first place, but I wanted to mention the other pro’s to mask wearing as well. Like bonus pro’s

Well anyway, during this period of absent productivity, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve fallen into temptation. I’ve committed perhaps one of the greatest of sins - and I’ve ended up watching some episodes of 90 day fiancee this past week. Oh what a calamity! That show is so awful, oh goodness, it’s just so so bad, but since I’m some kind of masochist I made myself suffer through two episodes of the 90 day fiancee show. After watching it I thought, well I guessed, that this reality show must be similar, if not the same as other tv reality shows, in that for about 50 minutes absolutely nothing happens in the show. Then there’s about 5 to 10 minutes of actual “events” where the storyline moves forward. It reminds me of that other show, the one where these guys are trying to find a treasure, it think it’s called Oak Island or something? That show is so funny, because after so many seasons or episodes (I’m not too sure), those guys haven’t found shit! And yet, they still keep going “yeah we’re real close to this treasure.” NO guy, you’re not close to no treasure, you’re not close to shit alright. The worst part is that one of my friends watches it, and me being the wonderful friend that I am, just constantly makes fun of him for watching a bunch of guys playing Boy Scouts in their advanced age for live TV. This is why I love YouTube so much, it doesn’t give me any unnecessary bs, it just shows me everything I need - well, everything I maybe would want to see in videos that are 10 minutes or less. Thank you YouTube, I love you and, and I just love you, you’re my treasure.

Oh I finally saw that movie Parasite by the way, I thought it was good, yeah, it was ok.