• by Z


Guys I’m shaking, I’m so excited! I’ll be visiting Mexico City next month. I know you’re probably thinking “what’s the big deal with that dump, there’s too much air pollution, and you’ll get the runs if you drink the water from there…” Yeah but that aside, I’ve never been, and I have wanted to go for so long so I’m going now. I have this teacher from an online class and she said “hey me and my fam are going to DF if you wanna come, you’re awesome and we love you…” Ok maybe she didn’t say the second part at all but she was probably thinking it though. I have to even out my tan now that way when I go I’ll just blend in you know. Now the big question is just which camera will I take with me, ah! I don’t want to bring too much but then I might regret not bringing something or other. Hmm… well I have a month to figure it out I guess ❤️🤗