• by Z

BOO! 👻

It’s Rocktober again, aka - regular October, aka- my favorite month of the year. I make it a point to go to a Rock concert every year (usually in October) but alas, this year I might not be able to follow through with my personal Rocktober concert tradition. It’s not because I don’t want to do it it’s just that there’s no one touring right now that I want to go see. Metallica was touring earlier this year in the US, but I found out too late so I didn’t get to see them.

That won’t follow me to my grave…

Then who else is touring right now let’s see… No one! That’s my point. Idk I might go see Mana later this month, maybe.

Other than for my nonsensical Rocktober holiday, October also happens to be my favorite month because the weather becomes chilly (brrr), the colors of the trees start changing to those very nice warm yellows and reds, and it’s oh so beautiful dang it! Well, ok none of that happens here in Miami, but you know I’m talking from what I remember when I lived in the southwest. I love going out to pick out a pumpkin you know, just to have it around at my place until it becomes soggy and rotting, ah how lovely. I remember one year I went to a huge pumpkin patch to pick out a really big pumpkin. I walked around the field wearing a cozy sweater and a pair of boots, and I could hear a soft “crunch” beneath my feet as I stepped over the fallen leaves. That was fun- even the cool breeze hitting my cheeks and drying up my face was ok. I didn’t even mind it.

The scary movies also make the change of season feel so festive, it just brings everything together. It’s like a holy Rocktober trinity - colder weather+pumpkins+scary movies, yeah that’s what it’s all about. Well there’s a lot more involved in Autumn, but then it wouldn’t be a trinity you see so let’s just omit the other stuff for now ok, it’s not important.

Back to the horror films though- My faves are of course the old-school slasher films like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Childs Play. Say what you will about Chucky, but those Childs Play films are gold, Gold I tell you! Every year I watch the first Childs Play film, and each time is more hilariously frightening than the last. I haven’t watched any of my old-school faves yet, but I did watch Rocky the other night- not a scary movie I know, but it's still great. I love that film. I also watched a new “horror” movie recently titled “I saw the Devil” and it was so awful, so so bad. B-b-b-b-b-bad, bad to the bone. Super stupid, but whatever, what’s done is done lol.

The Terminator is good too, Alien is awesome, Predator is funny, idk there’s so many that I like to watch around this time...

You know the only sad thing about October though, is that it quickly passes me by, and I never have enough time to spend with it.