• by Z


Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Yay! It's 2019 guys, and I hope you had a wonderful new year's eve! I decided to go to South Beach this year to watch the fireworks, but MAN was it crowded. I went around 10pm or so to have time to take some pictures. I didn't end up getting any good ones though, because I decided to take a super wide angle lens...it just seemed like a good idea at the time, but once I was walking around ocean drive I had a really hard time framing. I don't have a lot of lenses though and the ultra wide is my favorite so I just had to bring it with me. Anyway maybe I got one or two good shots, but not really. I also got some footage of the fireworks, I found a place where I had a clear view of the fireworks for my camera but after a few minutes I realized that it looked kinda boring. Just then a couple came into the shot and I thought "thank you God." I really liked how the video came out except my camera was on auto focus dang it! So it kept trying to figure out whether to focus on the fireworks or the super cute couple...ah decisions decisions. Oh by the way, I think the picture of the neon blue guy looks like Sartre, but one of my friends thinks he looks like Gandhi?!